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(Mar 30, 2019)
The TFS modpack has added Iron Front, make sure to check the modlist.
(Mar 26, 2019)
(Mar 26, 2019)
Is anyone else not able to connect to the TS server, still?
(Mar 26, 2019)
Teamspak will be going down for about 20-30 minutes for maintenance
(Mar 17, 2019)
As soon as this IFA3 update drops expect it to be added to our mods
(Mar 16, 2019)
Bear in mind that some regions of the US have had Daylight Savings time.
(Mar 14, 2019)
Everyone make sure to vote on clanlist daily. Doesn't take many to get high up the list.
(Mar 13, 2019)
Last day to sign up for Falcon Tryouts. Post will be locked at 1700 PST
(Mar 12, 2019)
Reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Falcon Tryouts for those interested to join Falcon.
(Mar 09, 2019)
im going to need someone to drop me a Auto rifleman loadout at begining of op
(Mar 05, 2019)
If anyone is interested I cut together a video from the last operation and premiere it on YT in a couple of hrs:
(Mar 04, 2019)
Due to recent mod updates we are removing "project opfor" and replacing it with "3CB Factions"
(Mar 04, 2019)
Any side events planned this week?
(Feb 16, 2019)
Gummo, google translate is bad
(Feb 14, 2019)
Halkett, tu parles anglais comme un bucheron salope. <3
(Feb 13, 2019)
Kilpin English much?
(Feb 12, 2019)
Join the friends and tell your unit!
(Feb 11, 2019)
Join the unit and tell your friends!