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Manakeep 728x90
(Mar 09, 2019)
im going to need someone to drop me a Auto rifleman loadout at begining of op
(Mar 05, 2019)
If anyone is interested I cut together a video from the last operation and premiere it on YT in a couple of hrs:
(Mar 04, 2019)
Due to recent mod updates we are removing "project opfor" and replacing it with "3CB Factions"
(Mar 04, 2019)
Any side events planned this week?
(Feb 16, 2019)
Gummo, google translate is bad
(Feb 14, 2019)
Halkett, tu parles anglais comme un bucheron salope. <3
(Feb 13, 2019)
Kilpin English much?
(Feb 12, 2019)
Join the friends and tell your unit!
(Feb 11, 2019)
Join the unit and tell your friends!
(Feb 04, 2019)
How has everyone been?
(Feb 01, 2019)
please remove: BDF parachutes RHS and Vanilla from your arma 3 mods. We have encountered issues with these!
(Jan 31, 2019)
I have now bought armaclans premium! lets get this bad boy to number 1!!
(Jan 31, 2019)
Don't forget to vote for TFS
(Jan 27, 2019)
please remove: BDF parachutes RHS from your arma 3 mods
(Jan 20, 2019)
We will be using advanced medical from now on.