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Manakeep 728x90
(Feb 25, 2020)
thats amazing
(Feb 22, 2020) -me after the op
(Jan 18, 2020)
There will be Radio/Communications training next saturay @ 1430EST (Thats 2:30PM EST for all you scrubs that dont know military time) All are welcome, if you have any questions before feel free to message me.
(Jan 17, 2020)
collection update everyone!
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy New Year!
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy New Year!
(Dec 31, 2019)
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone hope 2020 is a good year not only for the unit but all individuals that make it! Love you all.
(Dec 30, 2019)
TS is up!
(Dec 30, 2019)
TS will be up soon!
(Dec 29, 2019)
TS down for anyone else?
(Dec 28, 2019)
With the holidays going on tomorrows mission is a non mandatory op and will act as a fun op!
(Dec 24, 2019)
May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
(Dec 20, 2019)
Rain check on selection had plans for a couple months that I cant get out of!
(Dec 19, 2019)
if you do not own arma 3 Global Mobilization DLC please let me know and it is on sale!
(Dec 15, 2019)
As spoken about at the last Op, if anyone hasnt signed up by the thursday then they will not be allowed to attend the Op. Please make sure that you sign up Squad Leads make sure this is being disseminated down. Cheers.
(Dec 13, 2019)
No op write up for tomorrow, New campaign!