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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 12, 2019)
arma 3 dlc is on sale, I recommend Global Mobilization!
(Sep 12, 2019)
Make sure you mark on the event calender that you are coming to the operation, failure to do so and you will not be allowed to join
(Sep 08, 2019)
Modpack has been updated!
(Sep 07, 2019)
Everyone make sure you have the new mods!
(Sep 04, 2019)
Don't forget to read the OPORD for this week. Starting the new campaign! Also, any questions, message me.
(Aug 10, 2019)
Before and after the academy
(Jul 25, 2019)
My dream came true
(Jul 22, 2019)
stay tuned
(Jul 22, 2019)
We should do an Alien Area 51 event.
(Jul 06, 2019)