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(Sep 18, 2021)
Looking forward to the new mods
(Sep 17, 2021)
check steam chat for mod updates!
(May 23, 2021)
Hoping to see you all today in Vietnam!
(Apr 29, 2021)
Thanks buddy!
(Apr 21, 2021)
Proud of you team!
(Apr 01, 2021)
Can anyone send me the mod list on steam. Working to get back in
(Mar 17, 2021)
please remove from mods: MICH2000,2001 Base Pack TSF Vests USP Gear - Core USP Gear - Uniforms and add: USP Gear & Uniforms AIO Thank you!
(Jan 22, 2021)
Some old fond memories:
(Jan 21, 2021)
peeps! if anyone has anyway to get the TFS logo (and anyother cool merch designs) can they send them across to me! 2000x2000 px please and ill make it happen!
(Dec 30, 2020)
Hey guys I made a collection of our Vietnam mods we've been using on our public server: Server IP: